The origins of UK garage can be traced back to the early 1990s, when a fusion of US garage house and jungle music emerged in the underground club scene of London. This new genre quickly gained popularity, with its infectious beats and unique rhythmic patterns. UK garage soon made its way onto pirate radio stations, where artists like Steve Jackson at Kiss FM and DJ EZ played a crucial role in exposing it to a wider audience.

The genre's popularity continued to grow, thanks to its catchy hooks, soulful vocals, and energetic dancefloor vibes. UK garage formed a generation, providing a soundtrack to the lives of many young people at the time. Even today, UK garage remains popular, with its influence evident in current music genres such as grime and bassline.

Leading the way in keeping the UK garage spirit alive are artists like Oppidan, Conducta, DJ Q and DJ EZ, who continue to push boundaries, promote and evolve the sound while staying true to its roots.

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